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स्पिक मैके अधिवेशन,कानपुर रपट-3

I plan to end the agony of my readers ( if any that is) by completing my Part III as the final write up  to cover the Natcon Kanpur 2010.  There is always a silver lining to the cloud. As we enter Day 3, our mind is still reeling under the amazing impact of the Gottipua.  The entire cast consisted of very young boys  under 10  adorning female odissi costume and performing various ' karnas' ( badly translated meaning is acrobatics) .  They performed various formations showing their mastery over skills of Yoga, aerobics, dance and gymnastic skills.   Everyone looked like Nadia Comaneci.  
Day 3  was  more  like routine in all respects  as people got familiar with everything and adjustment became more easy, even if it was under some compulsion.    We all have the wisdom to accept things we cant change but in the case of Natcon  there was not much skill needed to become flexible as overall things got more streamlined by dawn of Day 3. The kit bag contained a small handbook of information which was nicelyGPS tracking of movements. OR maybe it is the UID project on pilot basis   brought out and can be kept like a credit card ( if you fold it )in your pocket.  All the information was given in the booklet   with a liberal dose of don ts .  The guide book also served the purpose of identity card and contained coupons for food .   The opening lines of instructions stated that each guide book carries a unique serial number.  I turned it up and down side to side and even tried to read in between the lines ( pun unintentional)  to find any such number . Maybe it is a ploy to test our skills of hide and seek.  I thought  IIT being a hi tech outfit there could be some hidden chip somewhere in the book  and there could even be
After the breakfast the scene shifted to the Crafts workshop. This has been one of the highlights of this convention.  Lots of background work and link with Ministry of Textile was involved to set up the Workshops.  Several artisans featured and the campus re created rural atmosphere.  The workshops featured Embroidery, mooj grass craft,wood carving ,bamboo crafts, kashmir papermache, madhubani , terracota and many other age old crafts.  It was a delightful sight to see several children enthusiastically learning the skills from many of the master crafts men/women .  This has been a start attraction of Nat con 2010.   The role of the Central coordinators for making this happen is admirable
While throne of blood was screened in the post lunch session, for the SPIC MACAY  officials from all over India it was time to do organizational meeting. till late in the evening.  Lots of cobwebs could be cleared  from the minds of persons who wanted guidelines on several issues. Mr Sreeni  presented a very impressive audio visual project of future of SPIC MACAY  and the need for structuring the organization to make it a very effective decentralized Movement.   I  could not participate much as there was several crisis relating to Artist travel and  need for fire fighting for which i was offered for the guillotine. I did whatever possible to the best of my ability and did some substitution of artists at the last minute with due approval of authorities and was engaged for the whole day re scheduling their travel plans.  At the end of Conv  i think i have developed very good travel agent skills  which was an unintentional by product
Ustad Asad Ali Khan gave the night recital on Rudra veena and the auditorium was booming with the sound of this powerful and almost extinct instrument.  This was followed by Hindustani vocal by Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar .  I felt Pandit Ji could not get enough time to do justice but still he sang brilliantly .  Our great friends Smt Leela Venkataraman Ji and Mandrake are better suited to review the music and dance programmes in depth to bring out the subtle aspects .   Please watch out for their write up in The Hindu in the coming days
The highlight of Day 4  was a panel discussion featuring some of the gurus . The panel was hastily assembled but well conducted by Smt Leela Venkatraman .   The interaction of students with the panel members left much to be desired and some of the students were asking irrelevant questions.   The programme only succeed statistically  and we need to structure this item very carefully next time and also regulate the questions  and monitor the quality of interaction by the students as otherwise it is a disrespect to the array of gurus on the stage  The Director IIT handled some of the hostile questions with aplomb
The evening concert started with the much awaited Koodiyattam by Margi Madhu.  At such a young age , this exponent has mastered the almost extinct and most difficult art form .  There is hope for Kudiyattam  and hence hope for our grand children to witness this art in future.  The main theme was Narasimha Avatar and it left us spell bound.  Some of the students sitting on the stage were terrified by the power of Narasimha as the Lord tears apart the demon Hiranyakasipu.   The planners of schedule should consider not having any other pro gramme after Koodiyattam so that the impact is not diluted in the mind of young audience.   Do I have my feet in my mouth once again?
Due to some organizational contingencies ( i was tempted to use the word deficiencies) last minute change took place in the schedule and the Koodiyattam was followed by Kathak by Shri Ram Mohan Babu and Shankara Guitar by Dr Kamala Shankar. The Kathak was eminently forgettable as  the artist decided to speak more and dance little.  His speaking was also uninspiring and everyone was happy to see his back.  Dr Kamala Shankar  played brilliantly on the Shankar Guitar and was accompanied by Shri RamKumar Mishra on Tabla.   

 Whole lot of fans for Ms. Kamala Shankar... She spent considerable time talking to them ... they really enjoyed being with her at the end of the day at 1am  The Shankara Guitar is named after Lord Shiva of Varanasi and the instrument is a variation of the famous Hawaian guitar .She has modified it to suit Indian classical music, by adding Tarafs  (sympathetic strings) added Chikaris and using Jwari for strings.  The whole instrument is hollow without the usual F holes or air holes .  Her mastery over the instrument enabled her to render a beautiful concert which everyone enjoyed.  She played   Bihag in which the contents were Alaap,Jod ,Compositions set  Vilambit Teen Taal,Madhya Teen Taal followed by Jhala.The concluding item was a Kajri (Banarasi) in Taal Dadra. The rescheduling of progamme turned out to be a blessing in disguise to everyone 
On the concluding day  featured presentation by students who undertook various workshops and the overnight.  The overnight featured Dr Rajam with her grand daughter,  Ustad Shahid Parvez, Shri TV Shankaranarayanan, Pandit VM Bhat and the one and only Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan.  The overnight was an experience to cherist the whole life. Ustad Ji appropriately brought the curtains of Natcon down with his Bhakti filled Rom Rom Mein Hari Bol that brought tears amoung the non sleeping audience.

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