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स्पिक मैके राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन,आई.आई.टी.कानपुर की रपट

यहाँ आज हम हमारे पाठकों के लिए स्पिक मैके आन्दोलन के कानपुर में हुए हाल ही के अधिवेशन की रपट पोस्ट कर रहे हैं जो हमें पंचम ने अपने अनुभव पर आधारित करके लिखी है.
The 25th National Convention of SPIC MACAY coincided with the Golden Jubilee Celebration of IIT Kanpur and appropriately held in the peacock filled beautiful campus of the premier tech institution of India. More than 800 delegates descended at the venue from the early morning of 1st June to attend the convention from 1st June to 6th June 10. There were people of all sizes and shapes from tiny children to elderly couples . The representations from almost all over India was impressive and a couple of persons from abroad enabled to call the Natcon an international convention. At the fag end of the convention, when people woke up from their overnight experience of slumber with classical music as background, a few Pakistani students also were said to have arrived at the Convention.

The big group of motley crowd assembled at the Railway Station New Delhi to catch the very late train had a harrowing time locating the person who has all the tickets . The saga of journey thus began in a manner that made the travel a real travail. After several years of learning the english alphabets, i learnt the meaning of pillar to post !!!!
Confusion and chaos were the order of the day both at Kanpur Railway Station and at the registration counter . We are all now used to this and know it as inevitable on the first day. IIT K coordinators had arranged bus service from Station to IIT campus at fixed intervals but because the information about such facilities were circulated at the last minute by which time most of the delegates were on board their respective train , it did not serve any purpose. Ultimately many had to fend for themselves and reached the venue sweating if not swearing. The heat in Kanpur was searing but majority of the people were travelling from different parts of India where the heat is no less . Hence acclimatisation was not difficult.

The students and teachers were accommodated in two separate hostels one for boys and one for girls and everyone was taken to the respective Halls . The senior functionaries of SPIC MACAY like NE Members, Central Coordinators( their kith and kin,friends and neighbors), some lucky State Coordinators etc were accommodated at different part of campus in buildings ranging from air conditioned comfort to ashram jeevan style frugal furnaces . It all depended on the muscle power and ability to prevail upon the local coordinators by Sam,Dhaan ,Ved or Dhand methods. Jokes apart , overall the facilities were acceptable . The main problem was complete lack of transportation from one place to another and return to respective abodes late at night after concerts held in the auditorium No one really bothered and many felt just abandoned to find their way like the Olive Ridly turtle hatch lings who find their way to the sea.

The dining facilities were very good and food well thought out . Evey one enjoyed the food even though students were rudely told by the people manning the food counter that if you take bread butter jam then don't dare to look at Poha or Pav Baji . Only one item . Over the next few days they got used to it. This is called developing qualities of adjustment in youth !!!!!! Students were also unable to have a go at Dahi/Raitha which was served using tea spoon rather than serving spoons !!! By the way there was no need for students to look for water sources as the milk supplied with breakfast contained enough water to satisfy a camel in Arabia

From disorder we have a knack of shaping order which was restored by evening . Meanwhile we held the NE meeting which was also attended by other delegates from various States who kept trooping in. By and large no major decision was taken in this NE which was more a chance to meet each other . While the NE was largely inconsequential, a few points relating to fund raising were discussed . Dr Seth circulated some correspondence which has promises of fund support from PSUs provided we tap the same.

The lunch was served at the Boys/Girls Hostel and everyone got a good exposure to scorching sun . The Natcon coordinators need to be thanked for daily testing several times the road worthiness of everyone , including elderly persons, and helped people to return home lean and thin . Along with Lunch, some mouth watering water melons were served and then people rushed to the Main Auditorium with new found motivation for the air conditioned comfort which was more mouth watering indeed.

Dr Seth requested Dr Dhanadha to lead the proceedings for an introductory session . Since the next convention is planned at Odisha , it was in the fitness of things that the Main Coordinator of that State conduct the proceedings. He did his task with aplomb and great humility. A number of persons including senior coordinators from different states and students shared their experience. No one really minded the drag because the a/c was effective and soothing. At the end , Dr Seth spoke a few words in his own inimitable inspiring style. How one wished that Dr Seth could address a full session of all the delegates and speak for at least thirty minutes to orient them and to inspire them !!! Maybe this dream may come true in the next Convention.

There was just enough time for the beaus to powder their nose before the opening ceremony was held . There was an elaborate prayer session and a few persons linked with IITK were given the platform . The Registrar who conducted the Opening Ceremony did well with fluent English and facile Hindi. The highlight was the speech by the Director IIT Kanpur who covered many areas of culture and heritage in a very erudite manner. Everyone was impressed by his depth of knowledge on all subjects. From SPIC MACAY side Shri SP Singh , Dr Seth and Ms Vibhuti spoke briefly but nicely. The Director IITK declared the 25th National Convention open

There were three concerts in the evening featuring Smt Girija Devi, Prof T N Krishnan and Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar . Because of crowding of three programmes, delayed start and long gap in between two programmes , Pandit Ji got a curtailed slot which was a pity. Prof Krishnan was accompanied on the violin by his daughter Smt Viji Krishnan and his concert was absolutely beautiful. He opened with Rag Mohanam and followed with an alapana in Sindhu Bhairavi with a kriti of Subramania Bharati extolling the boy hood pranks of Krishna . The audience were spell bound by the melody of the strings of Prof Krishnan who was admirably supported by Smt Viji Krishnan on violin , Shri Narayanan Rajagopal on the Mridangam and Vaikkom Gopalakrishnan on the Ghatam. The sound system came in the way of Ghatam being heard .

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