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नवीनतम रचना

स्पिक मैके राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन ,कानपुर की दूसरी रपट

After the first day curtain down well past midnight , everyone ambled to their respective caves  and the  IIT  Canteen in front of the boys hostel was a great oasis.  Not only it served reasonably priced edible food  very late in the night up to 2 AM, it also was one of the very few outlets where one could get the cuppa that cheers .  Perhaps overzealous holistic freaks  ( no malice meant ) eliminated the tea totally to  enhance the Ashram Jeevan Anubhav .  Hence the canteen was a welcome  place though its timing ensured we cant go there early morning to cater to our old habits.

Day two began  with bleary eyed and recalcitrant guys and gals being geared for the Yoga classes  right at the Brahma Muhurt  i.e  4 AM.    Most respected Ustad Farid  Dagar Saheb  took the Nada Yoga sessions and a team of Yogis ( or who  appeared to be yogis ) took the Hatha or Prana Yoga sessions .  Mercifully the organizers had arranged the yoga  classes  right in front of the hostel hall so that there is no need for sleep walkers to find their way and grope around .   Considering the crowd  we saw earlier at the Regn  desk , the attendance was thin but being first day it is expected that many students suffer from the hang over of late night concert of the previous night .   We need to seriously give the students the real benefit of yoga classes at dawn which is possible only if we allow them proper sleep  which is possible only if we end the previous night concert by 10 30 Pm which will be possible only if we don't overcrowd the pro grammes  which is possible only if we believe that more the merrier is not needed.   So many ifs  i suppose!!!! With Gurus like Dagar Saheb, we need to really plan the yoga sessions not only properly but also appropriately.  The setting of the yoga sessions could not have been more perfect   with seating of the gurus under the tree and the streaks of early dawn bringing sounds of enjoyable cacophony of birds bees and of course the peacocks. This setting is a speciality of IIT K campus

We see an item Shramdan in our schedule and invariably we incorporate this item during all the convention days from 7.15 to 7.30 AM.   While this enhances the time table, actually no Shramdan takes place and this slot enables people to do social net working !!!!! Well well  there is a good substitute for FACE BOOK  .   Actually there are ample opportunities for  net working with emphasis on social  throughout the day and till late night.  One could find social net working even inside the auditorium in the cool comfort of air condition  especially the last ten rows with candle light ambiance .   Coming back to the activities , the well known Warsi brothers  performed Qawwali  which was supposed to be also Sufi style.   The pro gramme started late as it took time for people to reach the auditorium from the break fast venue .  The Warsi brothers were ebullient and spent lot of time talking rather than singing Qawali. They however delighted the audience with their couplets  and several SHER  and SHAAYAREE were profusely  entertaining though  that was not originally envisaged.   The pro-gramme was hugely popular and the audience repeatedly clapped and conveyed their approval. The programme should have been titled Mehafil  Ek Mushira

We had scheduled lunch at 12.15 so that the students can commence their Intensive programme but Waris Bandu happily continued their programme without a care in the world and even did  a Damadam Mast Kalendar   to the ecstasy of the entire audience.  So much for Sufi  Ishtyle Qwali . The lunch was very good despite the  restrictions of some of the items and the arrangements of seating and cold drinking water were very good indeed.  People did have a little extra this and that to walk around the campus whole day which needs additional calories in this heat.

Intensives are arguably the most inspiring part of the Natconv.   The organizers had done well to designate  two venues for the Intensives  at New SAC and Old SAC.  No one really knew what SAC is  and people started finding their way like a treasure hunt .  Meanwhile like a PC Sorkar show, a few buses appeared to ferry the students but by that time people were marching to the Intensive hall and the bus only helped as a direction finder!!!!  There was utter confusion and chaos at the Intensive venue .   The Help Desk was helpless  and a tiny lettered list was displayed about the allotment of the students to various rooms for the intensives.   Boys and girls men and women crowded in front of the list which was hi tech with codes for the intensives and the Registration Numbers.   Only one apology of list was displayed at the entrance  without any names  adding to the  total confusion.  Many students who have opted for a particular intensive found their name in another intensive  and it took some time for them to digest and adjust  .  Ultimately  things settled  down  as more enterprising people snatched the white sheets and Durries of the other late starter intensives like land grab .      By the time the dust settled it was dusk and time for  dinner and evening concerts

The evening concert featured Satriya Dance by Shri Ganakant Bhora and his one disciple  and Dhrupad by the legend Ustad Farid Uddin Dagar. The satriyia dance programme started with  a Dhol or Maddal display that was more of an ice breaker than a dance number.   The disciple of Shri Ganakanta Bhora then appeared on the stage only to realize that the music has stopped. She has to go back and come again  . The reason is that for the first time in National convention,  taped music was used instead of live accompanying musicians to support the dance.  The connect  between the dancer and the electroninc music was lacking the real effect.     The Dhrupad  concert by Dagar Saheb was also affected by his slight indisposition and sore throat  but still  the music was divine, albeit in glimpses and flashes.

The Day Two ended a little before mid night and everyone rushed to their hostel  via canteen

Part III will cover the rest of the Convention
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