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Heritage Education Tour for School & College Students
The culture of India is the artificial aggregate of the cultural heritage of many societies, religions, and ethnic groups in the region, traditionally called a sub-continent from a Western-centric perspective of Asia. Both geographically but culturally too, this part of the world has had a great sense of unity and common history for its cultures and peoples. Therefore, South Asia can also be called a distinct continent in itself.

Art, music and cuisine, as well as literature are important parts of the larger Indian culture. Eastern philosophy and religion also plays a major role with Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism and Christianity all playing major roles. One of the most complex parts of Indian culture is the relationship between traditional cultures and the Western world.

The Indus Valley Civilization began on the Indus River (now in Pakistan). In time, however, Aryans settled down in the Indian subcontinent from the north. The Aryans also invaded the island of Sri Lanka and set up the Kingdom of Sinhala. The people eventually mingled to form a common culture.

Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with. Heritage of India and its past is something that sets it apart. Our country has a priceless cultural heritage rooted in what is essentially Indian. India is an enchanting country that exhibits a huge treasure of architecture, art, philosophy, classical / folk music and dances. With the onslaught of rapid change and global homogenization, this multifaceted heritage is being increasingly marginalize and diluted. We will find that our cultural heritage, originates from various elements of culture; namely, dance, musical heritage sculpturing and other types of fine arts, languages spoken, festivities, traditional customs and beliefs and so on. These aspects make our culture vibrant. As a part of our main motto, we aim to showcase this generation some of the best examples of our living culture, traditions and heritage on the tour. The main purpose of the trip is to ensure that the students are enlightened with the diversity, cultures and our traditions; and thus respect each other’s mutual co-existence. Henceforth to make our trip more interactive and fun filled we arrange guest / expert talks, cultural/folk dance forms, heritage walks to monuments and musical performances like qawwali, classical dances etc. which will reflect culture of the place we are travelling in. To make our trip more exciting we can also plan art and craft workshops, debates, essay writing, project report, along with others. All the winners shall be awarded for their talent and hard-work.

Knowledge is incomplete until all the aspects are covered and dealt with in full depth. So, our young generation is taken to experience the versatility of our country such as the rich Heritage, composite culture, religious practices, Political history, environments, food tradition, classical & folk traditions of each region. We also take some good historians, artiste’s to travel with the student. This live experience of the culture of India will bring a young person from different ethnic background closer to the broad concept, i.e. India.

The heritage education trip wherein 1000 students from different corners of country shall share a common platform to explore the rich heritage of our country. Not only do students get a chance to explore the historical background but also it gives a chance to the students to learn and explore the diversified cultures of their co members who have come from all the four corners of the country. It presents an excellent opportunity to The 10 days heritage trip, shall be a combination of fun, frolic and learning; most importantly Inspiring. Throughout the journey we will aim to present a few guest talks by eminent heritage experts. We aim to provide holistic foods of the states we are travelling by, during the course of our journey. Coming from an environment of structures and pressures the heritage tour aims to strike a balance of spending time in self-reflection and community engagement.

“An idea originates and finds someone through whom it can manifest itself”.
Same is the case with the Heritage Education Tour that fortunate someone experiences during the birth process, a feeling which is beyond description.

Cultural exchange, dialogue and heart to heart connection between people are the key to gradually dilute the misunderstandings and fears between all the countrymen. Music, rhythm and arts touches the hearts beyond borders. We understand the importance of cultural heritage and connections between the people to build sustained and lasting peace.

This Heritage Education Tour is a step ahead in the direction, an effort to bring students / youth of the country closer to each other’s heart and thus enjoy their co-existence & company.

Finally, we want each student to get inspired and enriched with the knowledge and be able to look at things with a different perspective altogether !!

Heritage Education Train
                                              An Initiative of Heritage Media & IRCTC
It’s our pleasure to announce another Heritage Education train tour to showcase this generation some best of our living culture and heritage on tour. The train will go through some of the major locations of South India to inspire us with the rich living traditions as well as the history of these places.

Heritage Media in association with IRCTC (a division of Indian Railway) proposes a 12 days Heritage Trip for school students. The trip will start from Delhi on approx 29thMarch 2013. Students from south are also invited to embark the journey from Bangalore on 31st March. The tentative itinerary is as follows:

Places of Visit:
Delhi                        :           Start of Journey
Bangalore               :           Halt to take students from South India
Mysore                    :          Heritage tour of Mysore
Hassan                     :          Visit Space facility, Belur, Halebid, Shravanbengola
Hubli                        :          Tour of Hampi
Puducheri                :           Tour of Puducheri
Rameshwaram       :           Tour of Rameshwaram
Kanyakumari           :         Tour of Kanyakumari
Thiruvanthpuram   :          Tour of thiruvanthpuram
Back to Delhi via Bangalore   :   End of Journey

Pls Note: 

·         Each school can recommend around 45-50 students for the tour. Request to accommodate more students can be considered on availability of the seats.
·         The entry will be taken on first come and first served basis, so schools are advised to send nominations as early as possible, last date for entry is 15th February latest.
·         One teacher, for every 15 students, will be accommodated on complimentary basis, without cost.
·         Please fill the details of interested participants in the attached excel sheet and email to us. Please send the participation fee only after receiving confirmation from us.
·         The tour is open for both Boys and Girls, but there will be separate coaches for both the genders in the train (it will be strictly implemented in this tour), as well as separate facilities for stay and wash & change at the places of visit.
·         Students of class VI to XII are eligible to apply for this trip.
·         Please note that as per rules Indian Railways can at any point of time make changes in the itinerary or adjust the schedule according to their need or for any eventuality.
·         We have already very successfully completed a heritage education tour of Rajasthan & Gujarat in October 2012 for 1000 school students participated from all over the country.

It is a non-sponsored paid tour, and each student will need to bear the individual cost, which is Rs. 16,000/- per student for the whole trip, which will include:

  1. -          Train travel ticket cost (non a/c) for all the days of journey
  2. -          Food (all 3 meals per day)
  3. -          Dharamshala (rooms for the group of each 10 students)
  4. -          Guides at heritage sites
  5. -          Local transport by deluxe buses (non a/c)
  6. -          Stay at night at halts
  7. -          Entry ticket costs at the monuments etc
  8. -          Lectures & interactive sessions by historians
  9. -          Folk/classical music/dance presentations at some places
  10. -          Travel Insurance
  11. -          Security guards & Tour Escorts

As mentioned earlier, one teacher in every 15 students will be accommodated for free, without any cost. Please send details of recommended students at the earliest in the attached excel sheet, before the seats in the train gets filled-up, as there are limited capacity in the train.Same fees will be applicable to the students boarding from Bangalore, as their seats in the train will be reserved from Delhi; as this is a special train, general public cannot board this train. So the seats will come empty till Bangalore, and we will have to incur full cost to the railways and other service providers irrespective of where students board.

 For any further query, please contact:

Harsh Narayan
Heritage Media
Call: +91 9350 2320 53
Email: harshnarayan@yahoo.com

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